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On October 2nd, 2009 at 12:34 PM EST
the Stocktwiter wrote...

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A Typical StockTwiter Premium Member
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Stock Twitter

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stock_killer just to let you know my Dad's account went from
under 2k to over 14k ever since i started relaying messages must
of been just over a month.

9:34 AM Nov 24th

abbiepineda Yes took my 40% profit from Owvi today. Thank u
for the alert!!

9:55 PM Nov 23rd

Major_Sirius Oh yeah! I made $1500 off $OWVI (my account is
still "under-sized")

8:19 PM Nov 23rd

DocDiggity You absolutely RULE! Thanks again.
10:42 AM Nov 19th

moots2 Santa aka @thestocktwiter delivers early with $ZVTK over
100% again

about 21 hours ago

Mvpjcl My god lol I knw they'll be more bt ZVTK??? Simply

about 22 hours ago

moots2 $BGEM another pick with booked 100% + gains TY,.and
other newsletters are just now picking it on it's way down

11:25 PM Dec 15th

DocDiggity $BGEM was another AWESOME StockTwiter pick!
Adding this one to the ever increasing 2X list. Thank You! HAPPY

10:03 AM Dec 15th

crusadernz Thanks for BGEM tip, in .28. out .73!
9:40 AM Dec 15th

trading Jeff Saw your email re: BGEM Friday afternoon, got in at
3:30. Got out just now, probably on dip. with profit of 90%. Thanks!

3:30 PM Dec 14th

TimmyGreen123 ST, Want to say thanks. In BGEM at .28 and out
avg of .52.1 am starting get closer to break even from original
losses. YOU DAMAN!!!"

12:45 PM Dec 14th

DocDiggity $BGEM out @ .50/51/54 from .28/29/30 +77.29%
BOOOOOOOOM !!!! Thank you @
12:09 PM Dec 14th

abbiepineda @thestocktwiter thanks 4 the gr8 picks. So happy to
be a premium member. Happy New Year!

1:16 PM Dec 31st, 2009

googleboy50 Just sold half of AMHD with 150% gain and riding a
free ride now !!! More gains ahead to all...

12:35 PM Jan 5th

TheThirdKing    Thank you for replying. You are the only penny
stock site that I trust. I am locking in my CBAI profits at +20%. Many
thanks from a prem mem

11:48 AM Jan 5th

moots2 sold AMHD,. made +60% easy money....... could have held
longer but wanted to start new year and new account out on a nice

3:46 PM Jan 4th

googleboy50 Sold the reminder of AMHD today with 100% gain
and could not be happier :) Yesterday sold the other half with
150%. TK

10:41 AM Jan 6th

googleboy50 I just wanted to say thank you for putting the interest
of investors in first place! Hard to find honest ones out there.

10:37 AM Jan 6th

tradingjeff   Out of AMHD with 80% profit. Thanks.
1:23 PM Jan 5th

DEVIOUS007 Nice! I played it conservatively by not buying until it
broke .0014 so by selling @ .0018 I got almost 30% profit.Thanks
for another winner!

10:34 AM Dec 31st, 2009

tradingjeff RT @thestocktwiter:
Congrats!! Nothing short of INCREDIBLE!!!
about 22 hours ago from web

iamrobertl@thestocktwiter Going to be able to pay my xmas bills
and have some left over for a nice vacation thanks to your alerts.
about 3 hours ago from web in reply to thestocktwiter

googleboy50 Sold owvi with 85% profit!!! Remember when you
told me get anything you can bellow 0.0020? You rock!!! Thank

10:57 AM Nov 24th

vulcan77 Hey Thx For All Your Picks. Never Made So Much
Money In So Little Time.

10:03 AM Nov 24th

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@thestocktwiter the prem. membrshp pd for itslf in my frst 2 trds. THANK YOU!

10:00 AM Jan 13 th from web in reply to thestocktwiter





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